We help Realtors scale with predictability using Facebook ads

Engage directly and exclusively with clients actively seeking or selling properties

Realtor leads using the power of Facebook ads.

Empowering Realtors to break free from the competition on YouTube and Google, we harness the untapped potential of Facebook ads. As pioneers in this realm, we unlock extraordinary opportunities on this dynamic platform to ensure our clients stand out and succeed.

Average cost-per-lead reduction: 75%

We only work with Realtors. We only do Facebook ads.

We are your dedicated Real Estate Leads experts, exclusively partnering with Realtors in Canada. Our focus is unwavering – we solely operate within the real estate industry and only in Canada. Leveraging the power of Facebook ads, we pinpoint and attract motivated, qualified clients who are 'ready to buy or sell.

Average cost-per-appointment reduction: 80%

Leads that convert over and over again. Quality.

Our clients consistently attest that our leads are not only more cost-effective to acquire but also lead to quicker and more reliable closings compared to their experiences with Google ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, or any other traffic channels they've utilized in the past.

Average cost-per-sale reduction: 65%

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to see results with your approach?

Our process typically requires about 5 working days for setup before launching your ads. You could see results, such as booked appointments, as early as the first day of your ad campaign. While we anticipate a few days for your tailored setup to fully integrate, yielding optimal outcomes.

As we proceed, we continuously refine your ads, seeking incremental enhancements to boost overall performance. This refinement period usually spans 3 to 4 weeks. However, rest assured that appointments will be generated during this period, and our commitment is to maintain a campaign size that keeps your business consistently busy.

It's essential to ensure your operational capacity aligns with the increased appointments and orders before initiating your ad campaign. We aim not just for immediate success but sustained growth for your business.

Why do you use Facebook only? There are many ads platforms – why not diversify?

Different advertising platforms yield varied results for Realtors, with some being highly competitive and costly, such as Google Ads, while others provide minimal returns.

Our decision to focus solely on Facebook is rooted in extensive experience. Facebook has consistently proven to be our unmatched champion for generating exclusive leads for Realtors, excelling in both lead quality and cost-effectiveness.

By concentrating solely on Facebook and working exclusively with Realtors, we've honed an unparalleled expertise in lead generation. Leveraging Facebook's robust campaign tools allows us to target audiences with remarkable precision, a capability that, when wielded expertly, has helped numerous Realtors add substantial value to their businesses.

Until another platform emerges that surpasses Facebook in delivering results, our commitment remains steadfast. Facebook works, and our expertise ensures our clients capitalize on its full potential.

Why don’t you work with Realtors making less than $1 million a year in revenue?

Our commitment is rooted in shared success. We thrive when you do. In our experience, smaller companies, especially those generating less than $1 million annually, have, at times, found themselves overwhelmed by the influx of new customers. Consequently, they've had to pause their campaigns to manage the increased workload, leading them to discontinue our services temporarily while adjusting to their evolving business needs.

We prioritize collaborating with companies that can seamlessly handle the surge in business, ensuring a continuous flow of revenue. Larger businesses, particularly those surpassing the $1 million mark, have established robust processes and competent personnel. For them, adapting to a sudden uptick in business is an expansion of their existing capabilities, as opposed to starting from square one.

Our objective is to work with clients who are well-equipped to handle growth, irrespective of their business location. We believe in aligning our services with clients who can effectively manage and maximize the opportunities our campaigns bring.

Why must I qualify before I can work with you?

Our qualification process ensures a symbiotic partnership that benefits both parties. Over time, we've observed that smaller realtors and real estate teams, especially those with limited experience, can find themselves overwhelmed by the leads we generate.

This scenario tends to unfold as they face challenges in handling the sudden influx of leads, leading them to temporarily suspend their ad campaigns while they regroup and recalibrate their business strategies. Unfortunately, during these periods, our services are momentarily unnecessary, creating a less than ideal business situation.

On the other hand, established companies with revenues ranging from $1 million to $10 million have proven processes and capable teams in place. While the initial surge in leads might pose a challenge, their adaptability is swift because they've already fine-tuned their operational procedures. For them, scaling up is an expansion of their existing capabilities rather than a steep learning curve.

Our success is intricately tied to yours, and we thrive when our efforts contribute to your financial growth. To ensure a seamless partnership, we want to be certain that your business, regardless of size, is equipped to handle the increased demand generated by our services. It's a mutual commitment to success.

What if you work with another competitor in my area, won’t that hurt my business?

Your concerns are valid, and we take strategic steps to ensure our clients' peace of mind. Prior to onboarding any new client, we conduct a thorough qualification process, akin to how we qualify potential clients for you.

A crucial aspect of this vetting process is assessing whether we already have a client operating in the same geographic area as you. We actively decline partnerships with potential clients whose businesses directly compete with those of our existing clients.

Your assurance is our priority. If you choose to work with us, rest assured that we will not take on a new client in your designated area of operation. We are committed to fostering a relationship that prioritizes your exclusivity and business success.

We offer a 100% ROI guarantee. If we don't perform you don't pay. Simple as that.

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